The Virtual Integrity Engineer:
Cognitive Integrity Management  

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During this webinar, we will explore how CIM can help verify data for assessment planning, identify gaps within existing databases and improve proficiency. 

In this webinar discover how CIM can be easily and seamlessly connected with your existing data sources. Explore how it can help verify data for assessment planning, how it can identify gaps and increase consistency. With CIM’s powerful data analysis, you can improve dig accuracy, reduce inspection frequency, and more.

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See how CIM’s pipeline integrity management software has helped our customers: 

Optimize Dig Management

Automate Compliance Activities

Maximize Resource Efficiencies

Wednesday, May 25th 
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CT

The Virtual Integrity Engineer:
Cognitive Integrity Management 

Webinar: See a Day in the Life of an Integrity Engineer with Cognitive Integrity Management

Free Up Staff for High-Value Work

Create PHMSA F&G Reports at the Push of a Button

Keep High-Value Assets Running Without Interruption

Improve Threat Planning

If you're looking to optimize your IMP through data integration, alignment, analysis, program management and enterprise-level reporting this webinar is for you.

Discover how to:

  • Streamline and integrate from multiple databases and systems. 

  • Minimize manual data entry and analyze and align all historical ILI data and GIS to provide a true and accurate picture of your pipeline.

  • Verify, track and analyze data; identify gaps; and increase consistency.

  • Reduce operational risk, accelerate process efficiency and maximize cot savings.

Jordan Dubuc
Chief Technology Officer
OneBridge Solutions In.

Andrew Morrison
Lead Integrity Specialist
Plains All American Pipeline