Internal Corrosion Management: 

Transforming the way we look at data 

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Join us for our upcoming webinar on July 13th at 10:00 AM CST where we will walk through our Corrosion Management System - Internal Corrosion with host Megan Scudder, PE, Product Manager - Corrosion Management, and co-host R. David Webster, P.Eng., NACE Past President, and Pipeline Integrity Consultant.

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See how CIM’s corrosion management system can transform your integrity program: 

Data Analysis

Coupon & sampling data

Chemical usage and deliveries

ILI results

Pigging records


Notes from reviews, meetings or analysis

Action items for vendors, operations or integrity engineers

Current and future mitigation strategies

Rank systems based on results from analysis

Wednesday, July 13th 
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CST

Internal Corrosion Management 

Transforming the way we look at data 

Webinar: Walk through OneBridge's Corrosion Management System for Internal Corrosion 

Data Tracking

Trend monitoring vs chemical vs pigging data

Identify active internal corrosion

Model flowrate regime

Determine potential root cause

Calculate overall system effectiveness

Data Integration

  • Evaluate chemical program effectiveness by analyzing integrated internal corrosion data

  • Review tools to track program notes and audit reporting and more!

Megan Scudder, PE
Product Manager, Corrosion Management
OneBridge Solutions Inc.

R. David Webster, P.Eng
NACE Past President and
Pipeline Integrity Consultant

  • Discussion on the data upload process to store Internal Corrosion data in CIM 

  • Review built-in dashboards that display integrated coupon, sampling, chemical, pigging, and ILI data

  • Discuss advanced ILI analysis conducted to determine active vs passive corrosion

If you're looking to optimize your Internal Corrosion program this webinar is for you!